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Heathrow as Cargo Cult

No matter how you stack it up, the notion that further expanding Heathrow makes sense falls apart as soon as you touch it, at least for anyone except the Airports Commission and Transport Secretary Chris Grayling.

Point of No Return: Earth Reaches 400ppm Threshold Permanently

September's carbon dioxide output failed to drop below 400 parts per million (ppm) despite historically being the year's low point for CO2 emissions, which means the Earth has very likely passed that symbolic climate threshold forever.

Great Lakes Region Pivots From Fossil Fuels

In shift from coal and oil, water use and quality hang in the balance.

Methane Hydrates, The Next Shale Gas?

Governments, expolration companies, and even the U.N. are striving for the next fossil fuel technological leap - accessing the huge gas reserves in methane hydrates. If they are successful, shale gas may pale in comparison.

Port of LA to Open World's First Off-Grid Terminal Powered Entirely by Renewables

The Port of Los Angeles—the nation's largest port by container volume and cargo value—is building the world's first marine terminal able to generate all of its energy needs from renewables.

Would Robin Hood Help us Fight Climate Change?

Today, a lot of the world's monetary wealth is in the hands of a tiny group of super-rich people; the virtual equivalent of Scrooge McDuck's money bin.

Equality and Sustainability: can we have both?

Would a fairer distribution of income worldwide diminish the damage humans are doing to the earth?

BP: Global Coal Use Fell by Largest Recorded Margin in 2015

Global coal use fell by more than 70 million tonnes of oil equivalent (Mtoe) – a 1.8% decline – in 2015, the largest annual reduction in records going back half a century, according to BP.

After Paris, A Move to Rein In Emissions by Ships and Planes

As the world moves to slash CO2 emissions, the shipping and aviation sectors have managed to remain on the sidelines. But the pressure is now on these two major polluting industries to start controlling their emissions at last.

Can We Reduce CO2 Emissions And Grow the Global Economy?

Surprising new statistics show that the world economy is expanding while global carbon emissions remain at the same level. Is it possible that the elusive “decoupling” of emissions and economic growth could be happening?

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