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Transition in Ireland  

Ireland is one of the most advanced countries in energy transition, getting over a quarter of its electricity from renewables.

State of The Transition post-Marrakech: Unity is strength

Donald Trump’s would be climate saboteurs might have hoped that merely the mention of their intention to quit the Paris Agreement would be enough for the climate talks to fall apart at the annual climate summit in Marrakech.

Analysis: IEA cuts coal growth outlook in half as China peaks

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has dramatically scaled back its outlook for coal demand growth over the next 25 years, Carbon Brief analysis shows.

Grid Simulation and Wind Potential  

What combination of power generators on the U.S. grid produces reliable power at the lowest cost?

Transition in Cities  

It is widely assumed that the ongoing migration of rural peoples to mega-cities all over the world will help reduce humanity’s per-capita energy footprint, while giving people a higher standard of living and accelerating energy transition.

Better Grid Modeling  

Although it’s clear enough that energy transition is necessary and reasonable, and although we know that transition is mainly happening on the grid at first, there is still much uncertainty about exactly where on the grid different strategies can be tried, how much they can accomplish, and …

The Renewable Energy and Waste Industries: 21st Century Confederates in Changing the Global Economy

The emissions prizes of both a renewable economy and a circular economy are huge.

“Anyone who Does not Understand What is Going on is not in the Right Place.”

September began with the USA and China symbolically ratifying the Paris Agreement in time for the G20 Summit, and ended with French Environment Minister Ségolène Royal tweeting “victoire!”...

Reclaim Power Kicks Off Around the World this October

Over the course of October, we are planning to carry out the world's largest ever coordinated actions against dirty energy and for clean community energy.

The Most Important and Misleading Assumption in the World

Why should we make policy using economic models that don’t reflect what should be obvious to a third-grader?

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