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On Public Health and Energy

Among the many radical changes that have transformed society since the birth of industrialism, perhaps none have had as great an impact as the revolution in health.

The Energetic Basis of Wealth

Last year I did an analysis to try to understand whether it’s possible to feed the world sustainably. Today I’d like to try to understand what happens to countries as they must rely upon the sun for energy (and, indirectly, wealth).

Living without a fridge

I’ve been living without a fridge for the last three months – the winter months of Melbourne, Australia. Before you send me to the asylum, however, let me tell you about this experiment...

Making change happen - June 6

•Alex Laskey: How behavioral science can lower your energy bill •The Death and Life of Chicago •'The Power of Just Doing Stuff •'Where will all the traffic go?

Workfare, energy and equity

Aaron Peters and Tony Curzon Price, in their important exchange about workfare, both seem to accept a basically techno-utopian view of the future of hyper-automation. But this view ignores two crucial factors which make the fundamental picture much less rosy: the environmental constraint and …

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