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Talkin' trash: Are we literally throwing away energy?

In Germany only about 1 percent of all municipal waste goes into landfills. This compares with about 68 percent in the United States. The U.S. could recycle more and turn much more of the residual waste into energy.

Interpreting the climate impasse from India to America

The two countries I know best are India and the US. I spent the first 22 years of my life in the former, and the following 24 in the latter, where I continue to live. Recently I returned home, after spending three months in India. The combination of what I saw there in plain view, and …

Oil Security 2025 report - US remains vulnerable

US still dependent on the global oil market despite increased production. 

Shutdown and default: the worst-case scenario

I’m not saying the worst is going to happen. But if it does, matters could get depressingly bad, disturbingly fast.

Gas Flaring: The Burning Issue

Global gas flaring--the burning of natural gas associated with oil extraction processes--remains stubbornly high. We examine the determinants of gas flaring in three prominent cases: Russia and Nigeria as the two largest emitters of flare gas, and the United States as a rapidly expanding …

America: Exporting our way to energy independence?

Never let the facts get in the way of a good story. That's the credo of the oil and gas industry as it continues to lobby for increased oil and natural gas exports from the United States.

New DOE report on energy sector vulnerablities

Historically high temperatures in recent years have been accompanied by droughts and extreme heat waves, more wildfires than usual, and several intense storms that caused power and fuel disruptions for millions of people. These trends are expected to continue, which could further impact …

Current U.S. energy policy: Risk management that is worse than ever

Current U.S. energy policy is, in fact, a hodgepodge of disconnected policies designed for specific constituencies with no coherent goal. What never gets asked and answered definitively in the policy debate is this: What should our ultimate goal be and when should we aim to achieve it?

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