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Why We Need to Keep 80 Percent of Fossil Fuels in the Ground

We have to keep 80 percent of the fossil-fuel reserves that we know about underground.

Post-Paris Analysis: 1.5 degrees and Mobilization

The Paris climate talks are over, and the postmortems on the final agreement are flooding in. Here’s our take...

This Changes Everything: Naomi Klein & Avi Lewis Film Re-imagines Vast Challenge of Climate Change

We speak to the duo behind the new film, "This Changes Everything," which re-imagines the vast challenge of climate change. 

“Survival Becomes a Spiritual Practice”

Do we have the stamina to not walk away, to stay in this hard place of transformation? I think we do.

The Emergency Climate Movement

We are living in a state of planetary emergency.

Hundreds Rally in Alaska to Tell Obama ‘Climate Leaders Don’t Drill the Arctic’

Climate groups rallied in Anchorage, Alaska to demand that the U.S. government, President Obama and Alaskan leaders take the urgent action needed to stop climate change. The “Rally to Confront the Glacial Pace of Political Action” took place as President Obama met with ministers from …

Co-operatives Need to Confront Climate Chaos

The challenges for 2015 are the same ones we've failed as a movement to find solutions to, or even act on, for a very long time: climate change and the neoliberal politics of austerity.

Picturing the End of Fossil Fuels

"It’s all of us, the little guys, against the immense, concentrated wealth and power of the biggest companies on earth."

The Last Refuge of the Incompetent

The science fiction author Isaac Asimov used to say that violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.

A Day of Tears: Report from the "sHell No!" Action in Portland, Oregon

This week, activists in Portland, Oregon, employed non-violent civil disobedience to delay the departure of a Royal Dutch Shell ship delivering equipment essential for commencing its oil-drilling operations in the Arctic Sea. Eye-witness account and analysis.

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