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Shale Debt and its Implications

We have all been held spell bound by the recent precipitous plunge in oil prices.

Peak oil notes - May 21

A mid-week update. Futures prices in New York and London continue to climb this week and are now up some $4 -5 a barrel since early May.

Peak oil notes - May 15

A midweek update. New York and London futures prices have risen about $2 a barrel this week closing at $102.37 and $110.19 respectively on Wednesday.

Peak oil review - Mar 31

A weekly update, including Oil and the Global Economy, The Middle East and North Africa, Ukraine, Quote of the Week, The Briefs

Peak oil notes - Aug 22

A midweek update. New York futures have fallen this week largely on expectations the Federal Reserve will taper off quantitative easing in the near future.

Peak oil review - Mar 18

 A weekly update, including: -Oil and the global economy -The Middle East and North Africa -The US Energy Plan -A US Energy Plan -Quotes of the week -Briefs

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