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The End of Global Development as we Know it

Development professionals do their work under the assumption that the developing world will some day look a lot like the developed world.

Return on Investment

We all make decisions on what to spend our money - or other resources like time and effort - and I think we'd all do well to explore the many non-monetary costs and benefits that accompany this spending.

How much is too much?

How much energy is too much energy?

Energy and the Financial System: What Everyone Needs to Know… and Work Darn Hard to Avoid

"Once you accept that growth will cease, all of the current ‘common sense’ assumptions about investing, such as the assumption of making money from money, cease to be true."

SNAKE OIL: Chapter 6 - Energy Reality

Everything depends upon our recognizing the mirage for what it is, and getting on with the project of the century.

The Social Implications of Energy Return

The energy returns that fuels offer have broad social and economic implications, as does their decline. This article offers readers a background on energy return as a measure of a fuel's production efficiency, and explores the metric's broader social and economic significance. 

The Social Importance of Energy Return

This is a brief article articulating why the idea of energy return, typically applied to the manufacture of fuels, has broad social relevance. 

Alternative Energy Challenges

The various obstacles to alternative energy compound the fundamental challenge of how to supplant a fossil fuel–based supply chain withone driven by alternative energy forms themselves.

Energy Return on Investment

EROI studies for most energy resources show a decline, indicating that depletion has been more important than technological improvements over time.

Peak oil - Apr 11

•California's Fracking Bonanza May Fall Short of Promise •How North Sea oil helped Margaret Thatcher •Will Fossil Fuels Be Able to Maintain Economic Growth? A Q&A with Charles Hall •Peak Oil as seen through the eyes of Arab oil producers •Peak Oil Flip-Flop