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On the Road to Green Energy, Germany Detours on Dirty Coal

Behind the millions of solar panels and wind turbines and electric cars, Germany has a dirty secret: its addiction to lignite, also known as brown coal.

Energy Crunch newsletter - Sept 20

It’s election time in Germany and energy policy is high on the agenda. The country’s Energiewende, a real energy revolution, is playing havoc with traditional utilities  

Energy transitions - Mar 14

•Berlin to buy back grid and go 100 percent renewable •Big Energy Battle: An Unlikely Effort to Buy Berlin's Grid •German town goes off the grid, achieves energy independence •Crowdfunding and renewables: is power for the people by the people about to come of age? •Where …

Germany's Energiewende — What Has Been Learned So Far?

Within the next decade, Germany will have shifted from a coal- and nuclear-powered economy to a thriving, decentralized system with power from renewable sources. This transformation, writes John Mathews, will not only make a real reduction in global carbon emissions. It is leading to a …

Energy transitions - Feb 28

•12 Insights on Germany’s Energiewende •A decarb target is good for the economy, good for the environment and good for gas •Isn't it ethical to use less heating? •Big shifts ahead in Chinese energy consumption •Sunrise in the desert

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