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Fracking and shale headlines

•France reaffirms opposition to shale gas exploration •Fracking bonanza eludes wastewater recycling investors •Lord Browne: fracking will not reduce UK gas prices •Midnight Sabotage with Transylvania's Anti-Fracking Activists •Banks Reluctant to Lend in Shale Plays as …

Oil Shale: Looming Threat to Western Wildlands

Oil shales, if they live up to proponents’ expectations and can be produced commercially, could change the economic and political fortunes of the United States and transform the geopolitical map of the world.

SNAKE OIL: Chapter 6 - Energy Reality

Everything depends upon our recognizing the mirage for what it is, and getting on with the project of the century.

Commentary: Shell’s Oil Shale Shutdown—1-800-Dry-Hole

Early last week, Shell Oil announced it was shutting down its oil shale research project in western Colorado.

Geology beats technology: Shell shuts down oil shale pilot project

The belief that technology can always overcome natural limits just took a big hit this week when Royal Dutch Shell PLC decided to shut down its pilot oil shale project in western Colorado after 31 years of experimentation.

Fracking headlines

•Pennsylvania Fracking Study Preliminary Results Released •Democrats will soon have a big, fat fight over fracking •The Darker Shades Of Shale •Ukraine region rejects shale gas project •Estonia becomes self-sufficient on shale gas boom

"Drill Baby Drill" - popping the shale bubble

The real challenges—and costs—of 21st century fossil fuel production suggest that such vastly increased supplies will not be easily achieved or even possible. The geological and environmental realities of trying to fulfill these exuberant proclamations deserve a closer look.This …

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