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The global Transition tipping point has arrived - vive la révolution

Last Friday, I posted an exclusive report about a new NASA-backed scientific research project at the US National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (Sesync) to model the risks of civilisational collapse, based on analysis of the key factors involved in the rise and fall of past civilisations.

To challenge global capitalism we must first understand it

Leo Panitch speaks to Peter Newell and Sam Knafo about his book The Making of Global Capitalism – and what it means for strategy and action aimed at ‘un-making’ capitalism

Davos: peeling back the veneer

Scrolling through the website of the World Economic Forum – convening this week in Davos, Switzerland – one might confuse the premier platform for global capital with a savvy and hip think tank, or perhaps a philanthropic aid and development charity. The content is carefully curated …

The Schizophrenic Society

Lost in a make believe world while we destroy the real one.

Stranger in a strange land

Everything pulses, and pulses maximize the flow of power in systems. I pulsed in a big way this year.

Time to Face Some Tough Academic Choices

Because of both forces—attacks pushing the university to the right, and faculty complacency—there’s not enough genuine critical thinking going on at UT, at a time in the world when multiple cascading crises—economic and ecological—demand a critical thinking that is …

Overcoming 'Overburden': The Climate Crisis and a Unified Left Agenda

It feels like this could be the beginning of the fight back we have all been waiting for, the one that will chase Harper from power and restore the power of working people in Canada.

"Nothing will change"

“Nothing will change” sounds like a tagline to Francis Fukuyama’s End of History, the celebration of ‘liberal democracy’ as the final evolution of human governance.

First-Person-Science: Towards a Culture of Poetic Objectivity

For the last 400 years or so science has relied on an “objectivity” provided by rational thinking and measurements.

“The democratic crisis of capitalism: Reflections on political and economic modernity in Europe”: Review

 Should there be a link between capitalism and democracy?

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