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Placemaking and Health

There is growing evidence showing that place impacts people’s health on multiple scales.

Good Nutrition Begins in the Soil

For the soil is the gut – the source of nourishment – for the plants we farmers grow. And it now seems there is a vital link between the microbiome of our intestines and the microbiome of the soil.

Reclaiming Public Space - A Peak Experience

Being fit enough to walk a few miles without effort is as important to resilience as solar panels, a sealed and insulated attic, or a bicycle in working order.

Inequality, Epidemiology and Economics

Public health is an alternative indicator of well-being and is strongly correlated to levels of equality or inequality. Greater equality means greater well-being for everyone and a smaller need for the state – yet inequality has been increasing dramatically.

The Movement to Make Every American Community Walkable

Tell me your zip code and I can tell you how healthy you are....

A Good Place for Everyone to Walk

People have walked for justice and economic opportunity throughout American history.

National Walking Summit Make Strides Toward Healthier Future For All

Walking is moving fast these days.

Great Communities Grow at the Intersection of Health and Design

Numerous medical leaders have also shown that Placemaking can play a huge role in promoting better health for all Americans.

Public Health’s Response to Decline: Loyalty to the 1%

American institutions are in decline and rife with corruption brought on by a combination of hitting the limits to growth while under the control of neoliberal capitalism.

On Public Health and Energy

Among the many radical changes that have transformed society since the birth of industrialism, perhaps none have had as great an impact as the revolution in health.

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