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War on Coal being waged by Geology and Markets, Not EPA

 Even without the threat of carbon regulations, the US coal industry is already in dire straits.

IEA Investment Report - Stumbling on the Real Story

What the IEA has inadvertently stumbled upon is the reason why oil limits are a problem...It looks like there are plenty of resources available and plenty of ways to reduce energy use through mitigation. In fact, it becomes to impossible to finance everything that needs to be done.

Central Banks' Balance Sheets, Interest Rates and the Oil Price

Money can be looked at as a marker for energy (alternatively; money is a claim on energy). As energy prices rise and/or energy supplies decline, this will depreciate the purchase value of money (and other paper constructs representing money).

The peak in world oil production is yet to come

Certainly world oil production did not stop growing in 2005. Last year's total was estimated by the EIA to be 4.8 million barrels higher each day than it had been in 2005.

The big shift

An energy transition has begun, but it's probably not the one you imagined.

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