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Inequality soaring with bloated executive pay

As income inequality in Britain continues to rise, research conducted by a British think-tank found that executive salaries are 162 times higher than those of the average worker in the U.K.

Comedian Russell Brand takes on the crisis of civilisation. But what now?

During his Wednesday night interview with Jeremy Paxman on BBC Newsnight, comedian and actor Russell Brand said what no politician or pundit would ever dare say...

São Paulo: the city and its protest

In June 2013, a series of large demonstrations throughout Brazil have shaken its main cities and political landscape.

Global dissent and the UK

We live an age of grievance and disillusionment.

Political Analysis – America In Revolt  

As the nation awaits President Obama’s State of the Union address, Sandy LeonVest hosts an inspiring program on the essential nature of activism in our (failing) democracy and what is rapidly becoming the second “American Revolution.” She’s joined in this endeavor by Move …

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