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We will never run out of oil (which is entirely beside the point)

What if technology does advance, but not enough, and what if the price of oil is high, but not high enough to justify bringing it out of the ground at the RATE required for the smooth functioning of global society? What then?

Why the closure of BP’s Brisbane Bulwer refinery reduces Australia’s energy security

This post shows statistical evidence that BP, like all other International Oil Companies, is in full peak oil mode.

Business as usual is planetary suicide. Time to slay Zombie Big Oil

It's now increasingly recognised that the transition into the post-carbon era must involve not simply "adaptation" and "mitigation" but entail radical transformation of our societies at multiple levels.

Beginning of the End? Oil Companies Cut Back on Spending

Steve Kopits recently gave a presentation explaining our current predicament: the cost of oil extraction has been rising rapidly (10.9% per year) but oil prices have been flat.

Oil Supply and Demand Forecasting with Steven Kopits   

Steven Kopits, Managing Director, Douglas-Westwood talks peak oil and oil markets.

"Peak is dead" and the future of oil supply

Interview with indendent peak oil analyst Dr Richard G. Miller. Miller, trained as a geologist, joined BP as a geochemist in 1985. He is coauthor of The Future of Oil Supply published by the Royal Society.

Alberta ranchers: Methane in the water

“I don’t believe for one minute that all Albertans believe that oil and gas is the only way to live in this province,” says Ronalie Campbell. “Alberta wasn’t built on oil and gas,” says Shawn, “Alberta was built on agriculture. Alberta was started …

Chevron’s oil production, sales decline 5 %

Australia will have to pay high prices if it wants to attract these imports against declining sales trends in international markets.

Energy Crunch newsletter - August 9

George Osborne, the newly appointed minister for shale gas development, might have expected some rough headlines this week, but he could hardly have guessed who would supply the fuel.

Shale gas, tight oil, and fracking - headlines

•Trouble in fracking paradise •Censored EPA PA Fracking Water Contamination Presentation Published for First Time •Wood Mackenzie Says Bakken & Eagle Ford Will Produce More than the Two Largest Fields in North America Combined •Bridge Or Gangplank? Study Finds Methane …

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