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America: You’ve got three more years to drive normally! - Part 2

The estimate of three years of easily affordable driving depends primarily on how long the current fracking boom, which is holding down the global oil price, can be sustained.

America: You’ve got three more years to drive normally!

Three more years? That’s pretty scary! Surely there must be a mistake in that headline.

Oil and gasoline prices: many still missing the big picture

Gasoline prices in the United States have risen sharply recently, leading some newspapers to round up the usual suspects.

The downside of higher U.S. energy exports

Much of America’s new found oil wealth is being shipped abroad, which is worrying Americans who figured they had a Made-in-the-USA solution to the country’s energy needs.

Peak oil notes - May 9

A mid-week update. The surge in oil prices which took NY oil futures from $86 a barrel in mid-April to over $96 continued this week with June futures closing Wednesday at $96.62. The spread between NY and London futures continues to narrow with London currently trading at a premium of only …

Peak oil notes - Apr 4

A midweek update. Wednesday was a down day with oil, natural gas, gasoline futures, and the equity markets all dropping sharply. NY oil futures were down 2.8 percent, closing at $94.45, as the EIA reported that US crude stocks rose by an unexpected 2.7 million barrels last week to the …

Peak oil notes - Mar 15

 A mid-week update.

Peak oil review - Mar 11

 A weekly update, including: -Oil and the global economy -The Middle East -China -Venezuela -Quotes of the week -The Briefs

Peak oil review - Mar 4

A weekly roundup, including: -Oil and the global economy -Middle East -US Gasoline Prices -The Keystone Decision -Quotes of the week -Briefs

Peak oil notes - Feb 28

A midweek update...New York oil traded in a narrow range around $93 a barrel this week, closing a touch higher on Wednesday on better news about the US economy. Brent continued last week’s plunge closing on Wednesday at $111.89 a barrel, down $6 a barrel in the last 10 days. The indecisive …

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