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Peak oil notes - August 28

A mid-week update. Oil prices have been quiet this week trading around the Wednesday close of $93.88 in New York and $102.72 in London.

Peak oil notes - Aug 21

 A mid-week update. After falling for two days, oil prices rebounded on Wednesday after the weekly stocks report showed an unexpectedly large increase in US refinery utilization and a drop of 4.5 million barrels in US crude inventories.

Peak oil notes - July 24

A midweek update. New York crude futures have traded in a narrow range between $102-$103 per barrel this week as the markets reacted to changing headlines

Peak oil review - June 23

A weekly update, including: -Oil and the Global Economy -The Middle East and North Africa -China -Ukraine -Quote of the week -The Briefs 

Peak oil notes - May 15

A midweek update. New York and London futures prices have risen about $2 a barrel this week closing at $102.37 and $110.19 respectively on Wednesday.

Peak oil notes - April 17

A mid-week update. Oil prices in London have risen this week on concerns that the Ukrainian situation will lead to sanctions and reduced oil and gas flows into Europe.

Peak oil notes - April 10

A mid-week update. Oil prices continued have continued to climb this week and are now $3-4 a barrel higher than at the beginning of April.

Peak oil review - April 7

 A weekly update, including oil and the global economy, the Middle East and North Africa, China, Quote of the week, and the Briefs.

Peak oil review - Mar 31

A weekly update, including Oil and the Global Economy, The Middle East and North Africa, Ukraine, Quote of the Week, The Briefs

Peak oil notes - Feb 20

A mid-week update. New York oil and gas futures surged this week on continuing cold weather across the US and rapidly falling distillate and natural gas stockpiles.

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