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Greedy Lying Bastards, New Film Pulls No Punches To Expose Climate Denial Machine

Kevin Grandia, DeSmog Blog

Greedy Lying Bastards, New Film Pulls No Punches To Expose Climate Denial Machine (via Desmogblog)

Greedy Lying Bastards is a new film hitting mainstream theaters nationwide in the U.S. this weekend. If you like DeSmogBlog, you’re going to love this film. Here’s the Rotten Tomatoes review including theater times, etc. (Feel free to add your own star rating!) The film, produced by actress Daryl…

(8 March 2013)

Climate Change Denying Congressman to Head Subcommittee on Climate Change

Tim Murphy, Mother Jones
As the new chairman of a key House subcommittee on the environment, Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) will be one of the GOP’s leading actors when it comes to the Environmental Protection Agency and the growing threats from climate change. So with his first hearing as chairman on tap for Wednesday, what does the freshman Republican—and end times novelist—think about anthropogenic global warming?

He’s not sure…
(19 March 2013)

Distribution of Carbon Emissions in the UK: Implications for Domestic Energy Policy

Ian Preston, Joshua Thumim et al., Joseph Rowntree Foundation
The UK Government has a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent on 1990 levels by 2050. In addition, there are statutory targets to ensure that no household is in fuel poverty by 2016. To ensure policies are both fair and effective, it is fundamental that we understand how current and proposed policy approaches to meeting these targets are likely to impact differentially on domestic energy consumers.

This project uses advanced modelling techniques to look at:

••the distribution of carbon emissions – from energy consumed in the home and through personal travel by car, public transport and aviation – across households in Great Britain;
•the impact of existing Government energy and climate policies on consumer energy bills and household emissions in England;
•the potential for an alternative approach to reducing emissions in the domestic sector through a wide-scale retrofit of the housing stock. More detail is available in a separate paper The distribution of household CO2 emissions in Great Britain by the same team.

Link to report summary
Link to the full report
(13 March 2013)

How Many Gigatons of Carbon Dioxide…?

Information is Beautiful


Examine the data
(March 2013)

Nations urged to combine environmental and development goals

John Vidal, The Guardian
Degradation of the natural world is undermining efforts to reduce poverty, warn scientists, who say the only chance of achieving global prosperity is for all countries to combine poverty and environmental targets.

World leaders should set six goals around universal clean energy, an end to water and food shortages, thriving lives and livelihoods, and healthy and productive ecosystems, they say.

Prof David Griggs, director of the Monash Sustainability Institute in Australia, argues in an article in the journal Nature that it is no longer enough for countries to solely pursue the poverty alleviation targets enshrined in the millennium development goals (MDG) that were agreed in 2000 but run out in 2015.

"Humans are transforming the planet in ways that could undermine any development gains. Mounting research shows that the stable functioning of Earth systems – including the atmosphere, oceans, forests, waterways, biodiversity and biogeochemical cycles – is a prerequisite for a thriving global society," he writes, with colleagues…
(21 March 2013)

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