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The Ultimate Roller Coaster Ride: A Brief History of Fossil Fuels

Richard Heinberg, Post Carbon Institute
Fossil fuels have powered human growth and ingenuity for centuries. Now that we’re reaching the end of cheap and abundant oil and coal supplies, we’re in for an exciting ride. While there’s a real risk that we’ll fall off a cliff, there’s still time to control our transition to a post-carbon future.

And now, for your viewing and sharing pleasure we bring you 300 YEARS OF FOSSIL FUELED GROWTH IN 5 MINUTES:

(8 November 2010)

The Story of Electronics

Annie Leonard, Story of Stuff

(November 9 2010)
Full version is online. Just released November 9. Other videos from Annie Leonard and The Story of Stuff group:
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The Story of Stuff (2009)

New video – Permaculture: The Growing Edge

Starhawk and Donna Read, Belili Productions
Permaculture: The Growing Edge is an antidote to environmental despair, a hopeful and practical look at a path to a viable, flourishing future. The film introduces us to inspiring examples of projects, and includes a visit to David Holmgren’s own homestead, tracking deer with naturalist Jon Young, sheet mulching an inner-city garden with Hunters Point Family, transforming an intersection into a gathering place with City Repair and joining mycologist Paul Stamets as he cleans up an oil spill with mushrooms. We interview some of the key figures in the Permaculture movement, including David Holmgren, Penny Livingston-Stark, James Stark, Paul Stamets, Mark Lakeman, Dr. Elaine Ingham, Maddy Harland, and others.

Permaculture is a sustainable system of earth care that offers solutions to many of our grave environmental problems and a hopeful, proactive vision of change. The Permaculture movement, started by Australians Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in the nineteen seventies, is now a worldwide network of skilled ecological designers, teachers, food growers, natural builders, environmental activists and visionaries. “Permaculture is the key to a post-carbon future,” says Maddy Harlan, editor of Permaculture Magazine.

We are now offering Permaculture: The Growing Edge for order on DVD! The download version will be up the week of November 8th.

(November 2010)

The Economics of Happiness as a Response to Environmental Crisis (video)

Sami Grover, TreeHugger
From the confessions of an economic hitman to David Korten urging that we rid ourselves of the Wall Street mafia, the green movement is no stranger to the idea that we may need to rethink conventional economic wisdom if we are going to get out of the crisis we face. But a new movie from the International Society for Ecology and Culture puts it in some unusually simple terms—maybe what we really need to be focusing on is happiness.

The Economics of Happiness, directed by Helena Norberg-Hodge, Steven Gorelick, and John Page looks at our globalized economy and asks whether it is really delivering on the promises that have been made. …

“We hear from a chorus of voices from six continents, including Vandana Shiva, Bill McKibben, David Korten, Samdhong Rinpoche, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Michael Shuman, Zac Goldsmith and Keibo Oiwa. They tell us that climate change and peak oil give us little choice: we need to localize, to bring the economy home. The good news is that as we move in this direction we will begin not only to heal the earth but also to restore our own sense of well-being. The Economics of Happiness challenges us to restore our faith in humanity, challenges us to believe that it is possible to build a better world.”

(9 November 2010)
Scheduled for release in January and February of 2011. The film’s website is . -BA

What Energy Collapse Might Look Like (Video)

Sami Grover, Treehugger

When I interviewed my friend Tim Toben, he argued that one of the most important things we can do is to “tell the story about the transformation from a world powered by fossil fuels to a world powered by renewable energy — in poetry, music, art, dance. Make it real for people who can’t imagine their way out of the hole we find ourselves in.” I’ve just come across a fascinating multimedia (or transmedia, apparently) project that aims to do just that. The only trouble is, it makes for some pretty bleak viewing.

Collapsus, which was directed by Tommy Pallotta—the producer of Scanner Darkly and Waking Life—is described by its makers as “a new experience in transmedia storytelling”. Combining traditional documentary footage with animation, mini-games and movie fragments, the audience is invited to participate by making decisions to try to avoid future blackouts and create a more livable future.

(8 November 2010)
We posted about Collapsus with some additional links on October 26. -BA