Darrin Nordahl, the author of Public Produce: The New Urban Agriculture, has chronicled the growing movement to put edible plants in public spaces–like Vermont’s vegetable garden on its State House lawn. He was a guest last year on Equal Time, and we’ll check in with him about what’s growing in public landscapes around the nation. A recent article of his was published by Blue Ridge Press, which is based right here in the Green Mountain state–at least partially. Editor Glenn Scherer explains why they were interested in edible public landscapes and how the Blue Ridge Press came to be partially based in Vermont.

Also, the New England Coalition against Nuclear Pollution argued September 10 to the Vermont Public Service Board that, contrary to what Entergy is saying, Vermont has broad latitude to regulate Vermont Yankee without falling foul of federal preemption law. Ray Shadis, a consultant to the New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution, will explain what’s at stake.

Carl Etnier hosts.

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