Around the camp fire, humans tell horror stories. About goblins, and dark conspiracies of death. Soon after the shock of the BP Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the cranks rolled out new tales that tell us a lot about the human mind, and how we react to environmental tragedy.

While the deadly rig explosion, the oiled wild-life, and the lost jobs are no joke, I can’t resist rating the wildest theories, coming from non-existent mystics, far-out blogs, right-wing radio, and even mainstream TV.

We’ll start with the dumbest, and crawl up toward the surface, where time may prove a few strange stories may be too true.

Wayne Madsen warns us that a big desalinization plant providing water to the Tampa bay area may have to close down, if oil fouls it’s intakes. Ditto the big nuclear plant there.

But we really dig into statements by oil investment guru Matt Simmons. Has the well casing already blown? Does that mean the “relief wells” are impossible, just more technical theatre? Simmons says this well could leak for years – unless we nuke it. With tips from other experts at, I go into why this may be crazy, and why it may be true.