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Are policymakers, economists and peak oilists starting to speak the same language?

Kate Mackenzie, Financial Times
A rash of papers, comments and interviews have made us think this recently. It’s not as simple as ‘policymakers are waking up to peak oil’, but that all those groups — and indeed, industry — are increasingly talking about the same issues looming in fossil fuel production, even if they’re using different terminology.

It’s still the rare politician or industry executive who would use the phrase ‘peak oil’. But in the UK, a country for whom domestic oil production decline is very much a concern, the issue has become almost mainstream.

Chris Nelder has written a couple of posts this month about UK officials ‘waking up‘ to peak oil, which he says was generally considered a “tinfoil hat theory” just a few years ago. But we’d argue it goes further than that: at the same time, those who talk about peak oil are increasingly looking at the language and dynamics which these officials are interested in, namely the economics of supply and demand and of course, pricing…
(21 Apr 2010)

Demand for oil to outstrip supply within two years

Paul Syvret, Perth Now, Australia
RISING oil prices pose a grave threat to global economic recovery, according to some experts.
The fear has been expressed by the US military and by the automobile industry.

This week in Perth, Volvo’s head of product planning, Lex Kerssemakers, said “we all know that oil is running out”.

“We need to find alternative solutions and though we are aware of the alternatives – LPG, CNG, ethanol, electric and so on – we have to introduce these to the market,” he said…

…Peak Oil is not some myth. It is a very simple equation based on supply and demand related to a very finite resource.

And it could arrive sooner rather than later.
(16 Apr 2010)
Sent in my EB contributor Michael Lardelli who points out that this is a peak oil article in a News Corp newspaper. – SO

A ‘watershed month for the truth about peak oil’

Matthew Wild, Peak Generation
Recent weeks have seen an explosion of information on peak oil – everywhere it seems except in the mainstream media. It may be in the business sections, but not the news pages.

Within the last two months, a variety of sources have come out with warnings about both the immediacy of peak oil and the implications of what happens when demand of such a vital resource becomes greater than supply. What’s more, these various an unconnected sources are presenting this as an immediate problem, something requiring urgent and large scale efforts in order to avoid possibly dire economic consequences. You don’t get a better definition of news than that (to which you could add the consideration that if news is anything someone doesn’t want you to know it doesn’t get bigger than this.) Just look at the recent peak oil publications and briefings:…
(19 Apr 2010)