Welcome to the updated Energy Bulletin website!

Energy Bulletin now includes multimedia and other new features as well as some upgrades based on feedback from regular users of the site.

New features and upgrades list

  • Addition of multimedia — Look out for the following icons:
         video        audio       transcript
    Clicking the Media link under featured media in the left column will bring up a list of all media posts.
    Clicking the Publishers link lets you view all media posted by a particular publisher.
  • Addition of featured authors list
    Clicking on any of the featured authors in the left column brings up a list of their posts on Energy Bulletin.
  • Addition of Google search
  • Addition of Donate now link
    Energy Bulletin is supported by Post Carbon Institute, which relies in part on contributions from the public. For those who wish to and are able to donate to support the work we do, this link provides an easy opportunity to do so.
  • Addition of login & logout links
    For registered users this is easier to access than on the previous version
  • New and updated support pages including:
    Start here, Peak Oil Primer, about, faq, Submitting articles to Energy Bulletin, Contribute

Should you experience difficulty expanding the news by category menus, please update your browser.

Thanks for your input and your continued support.

All at the EB team