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Post Carbon Institute announces adoption of Energy Bulletin

Popular Energy Site to Offer Enhanced Features

January 14, 2009 (Sebastopol, CA) Today Post Carbon Institute announced an agreement with to formally adopt the site as a core Institute program.

Said Asher Miller, Post Carbon Institute Executive Director, "Since its inception in 2004, has served a vital role for the growing community of professionals and concerned citizens seeking high quality news and opinion about the peak of global energy supplies.

“Throughout this time, volunteers have dedicated countless hours to manage the site. As the need grows even more dire, Post Carbon Institute is keen to ensure that thrives. We are proud to take under our wing and plan to enhance the site by integrating our Global Public Media content and other multimedia to produce a one stop shop of the most in-depth peak oil and energy content on the web." covers a wide range of news, research, and analysis including:

  • energy production statistics, models, projections and analysis;

  • articles which provide insight into the implications of peak oil across broad areas including geopolitics, climate change, ecology, population, finance, urban design, health, and even religious and gender issues;
  • a range of information to help preparedness for peak energy, such as:
    • renewable energy information

    • alternative financial systems
    • low energy agriculture
    • re-localization
    • other subjects that lead to better understanding the implications of and solutions to an energy production peak.

Said Bart Anderson of, "The last I looked, Energy Bulletin was getting about 370,000 visits per month (about 1,325,000 page views). With social changes coming faster than ever, we need a more robust organization so we can continue to support the community that's grown up around peak oil and sustainability.

"We've had a relationship with Post Carbon for years, so this next step feels natural. It's the right thing to do."

Added Adam Grubb, Founder of, "Post Carbon Institute is leading the charge towards real solutions to our energy crisis. I'm proud of what has become and am excited about its potential under the stewardship of PCI."

Post Carbon Institute, headquartered in Sebastopol, California, conducts research, develops technical tools, educates the public, and informs leaders to help communities around the world understand and respond to the challenges of fossil fuel depletion and climate change.

Editorial Notes: This is a press release from Post Carbon. As my quote indicates, I'm very excited about this agreement. I should add that Energy Bulletin will still have same staff, the same policies. Looking in the crystal ball, more content and staff is on the way. We envision improvements to the site, such as the ability to post video and audio. However, we plan to keep the basic site design the same. We'll have more information in the coming days and weeks. -BA (Bart Anderson) UPDATE (Jan 18, 2009) I finally recovered access to Google Analytics and was able to see the latest readership data. Readership reported there is much lower than the figures I mentioned in the article, which came from an article published in January 2007 ( I think there are two reasons. First, we switched readership reporting programs from one which had given consistently higher numbers. Secondly, readership traditionally goes down with the falling price of oil. It does up again when the price spikes. -BA UPDATE (June 13, 2009) Corrected the date in the press release from 2008 to 2009.

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