Welcome to the ODAC Newsletter, a weekly roundup from the Oil Depletion Analysis Centre, the UK registered charity dedicated to raising awareness of peak oil.

Despite supply disruptions in the US this week resulting from precautionary shutdowns ahead of hurricane Gustav, and a number of refineries subsequently remaining out of action due to power cuts in Louisiana, the oil price continued to drop with some commentators predicting it will go below $100. For commentary on this see Hurricane destroys oil infrastructure; oil price falls, by Richard Heinberg. The hurricane season is not over yet with still a couple of months to run and prices rose temporarily today as hurricane Ike strengthened to a category 4. Prices fell back again at the close, and Brent is now only $4 away from the symbolic value of $100.

As the markets focus on weaker economic activity lowering demand in key consumer economies rather than supply concerns, some members of OPEC are calling for production cuts. The organization will be meeting on September 9th to agree quotas. Brazil this week turned down the offer to become a member.

The geopolitical repercussions of the Georgia conflict rattled on this week. Claims that Russia might cut oil supplies if the EU imposed sanctions were denied by Moscow, but as winter approaches, countries such as Turkey are concerned about the security of their gas and oil supplies.

While Dick Cheney visited Azerbaijan and Georgia in support of Western energy pipeline interests, the woman hoping to get his job, Sarah Palin put herself firmly into the ‘drill baby drill” lobby stating interests of national security. The idea that the US could have its own cheap oil if only people were prepared to put in the effort is seductive and in an election with a nervous electorate that can work better than the truth.

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