ASPO-USA announces our fourth annual “Dialogue with the Experts,” a high-level conference to discuss impacts of and responses to a peak in world oil production.

ASPO Week will consist of three days of high-level energy discussions, including a pre-conference day, daytime and evening presentations, and mix & meet receptions with speakers and sponsors.


A Year of Progress for ASPO-USA

Our 2008 Sacramento Conference, Co-sponsored by the University of California Davis, will highlight a year of skyrocketing awareness for Peak Oil, and exciting new growth and plans for ASPO-USA. Conference participants will include Matt Simmons, Jeff Rubin, Jim Buckee, Jeremy Gilbert, Herman Franssen, Kjell Aleklett, Randy Udall, Jim Puplava, David Hughes, Dan Reicher, Vince Matthews, Nate Hagens, and many others. In addition, ASPO-USA will be reporting on its new professional staff and office headquarters, and its merger with a well-established energy education and outreach group that will help us carry the Peak Oil message even further. A formal announcement of these exciting developments will be made prior to the conference. As our Conference theme notes, The Future Starts Now! 

The Conference begins on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 21, with concurrent afternoon sessions led by national journalists Neil King (WSJ) and Bart Anderson (Energy Bulletin) on “Reporting the Peak Oil Story”, and investment specialists Jim Puplava, Jim Hansen and Atticus Lowe on “Investing in the new Energy Economy”. The day will conclude with a Social Reception and an evening presentation by Peter Wells (NEFTEX): The Oil Story in Iran and Iraq. 

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Two full days of plenary sessions, on Monday, Sept. 22 (“Demand, Meet Supply”) and Tuesday, Sept. 23 (“Where Now? Choices for the Long Haul”), will each be followed by Social Receptions and evening presentations.

Day One will be moderated by Sally Odland and Randy Udall of ASPO-USA, and Jim Puplava of Financial Sense Newshour; geologists Ken Verosub and Gill Mull will assess Petroleum 101, and Alaskan Oil: Prudoe Bay Discovery and Outlook for North Slope Oil; Matt Simmons, Jeremy Gilbert and Morey Wolfson will discuss Peak Oil global overview – an American wakeup call, Big Oil and Resource Nationalism; and Jeff Rubin and Herman Franssen will examine the economic impacts of $100+ and €70 Crude Oil. The day will conclude with a Social Reception and an evening presentation by Professor Al Bartlett on the “Forgotten Fundamentals of the Energy Crisis.” (Hint: The word “Exponential” will be mentioned.)

Day Two will be moderated by ASPO-USA’s Steve Andrews and Ron Swenson; Vince Mathews, David Hughes and Michael Webber will discuss Natural Gas and Coal as Liquid Fuels substitutes; Randy Udall will examine Fossil Fuel Limits on IPCC Scenarios; and Susan Capalbo will present the latest developments in Economics, Tradeoffs, and Technology of Carbon Sequestration. Luncheon and afternoon sessions will focus on the Future of Aviation and Ground Transportation, Sustainable Mobility, and the Transition of Fuels to Flows as the future turns electric. The day will conclude with our final Social Reception and a special evening speaker.

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A Year of Progress for ASPO-USA

At the 2007 Houston Conference, we announced the Bob Kanner Matching Grant challenge to raise money, hire full-time staff, carry the Peak Oil message even further, and take dead aim at Peak Oil Deniers. We’ve done all that and much more. Thanks to your generous response, we’ve hired an executive director and staff, merged with another non-profit group, secured an office headquarters, and gained nationwide media coverage as brokers of a $100,000 wager against CERA made by a group of prominent peak oil watchers. They bet that CERA’s rosy production estimates were wrong, and they had a $100K letter of credit to prove they were serious.
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CERA declined the bet, of course, but news outlets across the nation- from the WSJ to World Oil magazine- covered the story, and CERA’s Oil & Gas Optimist Club lost some members. It’s not too late to support our efforts, so click on the image and join the sober but hopeful realists at ASPO-USA.

Energy is the 1st Challenge of the 21st Century,
and ASPO-USA is the leading ˜Go To” public information organization for credible and detailed analysis of the Peak Oil challenge. We ask you to take three easy steps to support our work: 1) Register today for our 2008 Peak Oil Conference to get early discounts, 2) Add your name to our proud list of Donors, Members, and Conference Sponsors, and 3) Help us continue our work to make 2008 the Year of Peak Oil Awareness, for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren.

Remember, for the Peak Oil Energy Challenge – The Future Starts Now!

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2008 Sacramento Peak Oil Conference
September 21-23, 2008
Hyatt Regency Sacramento, California