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Peak oil for teenagers
Brian Kaller, YouTube
Journalist Brian Kaller speaks to 300 teenaged students in County Kildare, Ireland about peak oil and climate change. More of Kaller’s writing at:
“Running on Empty,” August 2004 –

The event was hosted by FADA, a volunteer group preparing local villages for a peak oil/climate change crisis. FADA members have:
– Created a mobile gardening unit to turn lawns into vegetable gardens;
– Hosted talks by TV personalities Duncan Stewart and Eddie Hobbs;
– Organised an Energy Fair to publicise peak oil to thousands of people;
– Published a weekly newspaper column on preparing for the crisis.
– Held seminars on gardening, permaculture and installing alternative energy in the home.

From email:
I wanted to invite Energy Bulletin readers to a talk I gave to students in Ireland.

I have been giving talks on peak oil and climate change here for the last few years, and we happened to film this one, given to about 300 teenagers at a theatre in Newbridge, County Kildare. It’s a little general — I was told to boil peak oil, climate change and the good news into 25 minutes — but you are welcome to use it. It was shown in conjunction with the film “The Power of Community,” about Cuba’s oil crisis.

Part 1 – Peak Oil

Part 2 – Climate Change

Part 3 – The Fifties

By the way, I am starting a blog, “Restoring Mayberry,”.

Feel free to check in.

Brian Kaller
County Kildare Ireland
(18 May 2008)
The three segments are all part of the same presentation.

Effective talk — you’ve got to be effective to keep the attention of teenagers. Biran begins:
Does anybody here have a mobile phone?
Crowd: Yeah
Does anybody have a mobile phone made of wood? -BA

Australia Pumping Empty film coming

Aquila Productions
Explore the real reason behind rising energy, food and fuel prices.

It features interviews with experts from a wide range of fields from urban research to oil refining. They explain the implications of peak oil for Australia and the efforts that can be undertaken to reduce our oil

Research: After reading a wide range of literature ourselves we approached experts in the field to share their story and explanation on camera. The film director, Robert Simpson attended several ASPO Australia (Australian Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas) meetings to ascertain the credibility and potential impact of Peak Oil on our local communities, Australia-wide.

First 3 mintues

Film opens May 20 in Brisbane says ASPO-Australia
(May 2008)

THE Progressive Crises: Global Warming and Peak Oil

A. Siegel, Huffington Post
Every Progressive should recognize and incorporate, deep in their soul, the plain fact: Peak and Global Warming are the most serious threats to Progressive ideals, concepts, policies, and aspirations through the 21st century … AND today.

These are not just let’s wait until tomorrow issues, that should be put in the back of the line to deal with after other issues, we must address them with urgency today if we hope for a progressive world tomorrow.

Without better energy policies starting now, the future could be bleak economically for decades to come with the impending strike of Peak Oil. Amid recessions and depressions, what happens to mental health programs? What happens to music in the classrooms? Training programs for economically disadvantaged among us? Will there be funding for these and other progressive causes? I doubt it. Don’t you?
(19 May 2008)