Welcome to the ODAC Newsletter, a weekly roundup from the Oil Depletion Analysis Centre, the UK registered charity dedicated to raising awareness of peak oil.

As ODAC went to press the oil price languished at around $90 per barrel — weak by recent standards — and there was even talk of OPEC cutting production to defend an $80 floor, as evidence of a gathering recession accumulates.

In Britain, official interest rates were cut while the Bank of England simultaneously warned of higher inflation, highlighting the monetary dilemma posed by rising oil prices. Although the economy is clearly slowing, the oil price continues to feed through: E.ON has become the fifth of the big six UK energy suppliers to hike gas and power prices.

In corporate news, BP claimed 100%-plus reserves replacement, but will not give details until it publishes its report and accounts in a few weeks’ time – along with Exxon and Shell. In a number of years recently, Exxon has only achieved 100% reserve replacement by replacing dwindling oil with natural gas. As noted last week, Shell’s numbers seem likely to be extremely weak.

BHP Billiton’s hostile £75bn bid for Rio Tinto has raised concerns about the concentration of control over iron ore and aluminium, but the deal would also give the combined companies a commanding position in coking coal – where prices have already tripled in the last few weeks.

Finally some good news from the Middle East: Qatar plans to build 3.5GW of concentrating solar power by 2013. But bad news from Russia: Gazprom has threatened to cut gas supplies to Ukraine if the government doesn’t settle it’s bill by Monday. It must be that time of year again.

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