The energy gap left by declining fossil Solar fuels may be filled by alternative sources of energy. In short, the Earth has ample supplies of energy to sustain human population and economic growth. Discuss….

This post is intended to provide a structured background to energy matters for new readers and hopefully to provide a provacative debate with seasoned Oil Drum veterans. A listing of over 50 links to Oil Drum articles from the past year is provided which combined provide a comprehensive overview of the issues surrounding peak oil and energy decline. If you are new to the site or have been lurking and want to ask a question then all you have to do is sign up and post your query. The Oil Drum is here to educate–and we are here to help.

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And a series of 26 technical posts by Heading Out.

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There are no Oil Drum posts on extracting uranium from seawater as far as I know. However, I feel this is an important topic, so here’s a couple of links giving contrasting views:

Annex 8. Evaluation of Cost of Seawater Uranium Recovery and Technical Problems toward Implementation Hat tip Khebab.

Nuclear Power: the energy balance, Storm and Smith (large pdf) Hat tip Nate Hagens.

And finally a few miscellaneous posts on vital energy matters:

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DrumBeat posted daily by Leanan provides a menu of peak oil news and links that is second to none combined with an open discussion thread – that is often not recommended for the faint hearted.

My current position on the looming energy gap is this. The OECD faces unprecedented peril from energy decline (oil first, then gas, coal and uranium) and energy insecurity – increasing amounts of oil and natural gas are being imported into the OECD. However, there is ample fossil energy contained in and solar energy arriving at Earth to sustain current population and economic growth. The challenge lies in real energy conservation measures, rebuilding our energy gathering and distribution infrastructure, redesigning our transportation networks and stabilising global population below 7 billion. A momentous task, but can this be done?

Or is industrial civilisation doomed to decay in a maelstrom of civil unrest, resource wars, famine, terrorism and pestilence?

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