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Peak Oil Media

Prof. Goose, Global Public Media
Here are four pieces of media that you can send to folks to explain the basic arguments regarding peak oil. First is Matt Simmons on CNBC a month ago talking about the GAO report (7 mins), then under the fold a link to Jim Kunstler’s latest talk (which is great), a piece by ABC Radio of Australia on the GAO report and peak oil, and Boone Pickens on the issue as well.
(17 June 2007)

ODAC News – June 17

The Oil Depletion Analysis Centre
1/ World oil supplies are set to run out faster than expected, warn scientists (The Independent, Thu 14 Jun)
2a/ Are global market bubbles set to blow? (BBC News, Thu 14 Jun)
2b/ We’re all doomed? (BBC News [Robert Peston, BBC’s business editor], Wed 13 Jun)
3a/ Food prices defy inflation [short video] (BBC News, June 2007)
3b/ Floods and drought send price of wheat soaring (Financial Times, Fri 15 Jun)
4a/ BG urges different oil, gas taxation off UK (Oil and Gas Journal, Thu 14 Jun)
4b/ Shell and ExxonMobil scale down North Sea presence (Financial Times, Fri 15 Jun)
4c/ North Sea running dry says BP (ThisIsMoney, Wed 13 Jun)
4d/ SHOCK AS SHELL PUTS OIL ASSETS UP FOR SALE (Aberdeen Press and Journal, Fri 15 Jun)
5/ Petrol problems about peak oil, not snake oil (The Age [Australia], Thu 14 Jun)
6/ Russia
6a/ New Low Cost Air Carrier Set Up in Russia (FC Novosti, Fri 15 Jun)
6b/ Half of Gas from Shtokman Field to Be Liquefied (FC Novosti, Fri 15 Jun)
6c/ Russian Gas Supplies to China May Be Postponed (FC Novosti, Wed 13 Jun)
7/ Oil demand ‘rising faster than expected’ (Financial Times, Tue 12 Jun)
8/ Boeing forecasts near tripling of air traffic (Financial Times, Wed 13 Jun)
(17 June 2007)
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Peak Oil Update – June 2007: Production Forecasts and EIA Oil Production Numbers

Khebab, The Oil Drum
An update on the latest production numbers from the EIA along with graphs/charts of different oil production forecasts.

Executive Summary:

  1. Monthly production records are unchanged except for NGPL: 
    1. All Liquids: the peak is still July 2006 at 85.43 mbpd, the year to date average production in 2007 (2 months) is  84.26 mbpd, up 0.2 mbpd from 2006.
    2. Crude Oil + NGL: the peak date remains May 2005 at 82.08 mbpd, the year to date average production for 2007 (2 months) is  81.24 mbpd, down 0.06 mbpd from 2006.
    3. Crude Oil + Condensate: the peak date remains May 2005 at 74.15 mbpd, the year to date average production for 2007 (2 months) is 73.09 mbpd, down 0.25 mbpd from 2006.
    4. NGPL: the peak date is now February 2007 at 8.24 mbpd, the year to date average production for 2007 (2 months) is  8.15 mbpd, up 0.19 mbpd from 2006.
  2. Decline in crude oil + condensate continues: February 2007 estimate for crude oil + condensate is 73.35 mbpd compared to 73.47 mbpd one year ago.
  3. New forecasts added: Projections from Frederik Robelius and the Hybrid Shock Model.
  4. Average forecast: the average forecast for crude oil + NGL based on 12 different projections is showing a kind of production plateau around 83 +/- 4 mbpd with a decline after 2010 +/- 1 year.

(14 June 2007)