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Spring Break

Jim Kunstler, Clusterf*ck Nation
…The EIA has to be more reality-based about current activity than their future projections, because the current import-export and refinery figures are out there for other people and other data-gathering organizations to see.

The EIA’s future projections are a joke. They are based on the fantasy that everything will be okay despite what we see happening now. The EIA projects that all the world’s oil producers will increase their oil production hugely by 2030. They see Saudi Arabia shooting up to 17.1 million barrels a day when, in fact, Saudi production fell 7 percent just over the past year alone to 8.4 mm/b/d.

…. If you go to this EIA chart, you’ll see practically everybody’s production shooting way up in the decades ahead, even the US, which, in reality, has seen nothing but steady annual decline for more than thirty years (we produce half now of what we did in 1970).

The EIA is a perfect reflection of the public it serves. It appears to conduct daily business in a responsible way while it resolutely refuses to face the obvious realities of the future. My own town is a good example of non-reality-based planning. Our mayor announced last week that we are going to construct a 1500-space parking structure to go along with an expansion of our minor-league convention center, all based on money raised through bonds. I can’t imagine a worse investment.

…The price of gasoline seems to be the only signal that the American public receives on its collective walkie-talkie.
(9 April 2007)

Now You See It… Now You Don’t

Aaron Dunlap,
Some of you will recall my observations on recent Chinese web traffic dominating the numbers here at

Well another interesting development has occurred.

So one day last year the Great Firewall of China seemed to fall, and with it came a barrage of web traffic to our website. In fact, Beijing alone was a full 20% of our total traffic in Sept last year. (And apparently 100% lurkers)

So here is the kicker… The very next month, in October 2006… not a single visit from the entire country of China. And not one visit since then either.

China went from the Peakyist city in the world, to absolutely silent… nothing… blank.

Fascinating. Scary.
(10 Apr 2007)

Radio Free America this weekend
Several energy/sustainability commentators hit the airwaves during the last few days:
Nate Hagens (The Oil Drum)
Glenn McAnanama on organizing (The Oil Drum)
Tom Philpott on ethanol (Grist)
(9 April 2007)

ASPO-USA’s “Peak Oil Review” now posted online

Tom Whipple, ASPO-USA
ASPO-USA is now putting its weekly news roundup onto its website. Edited by peak oil journalist, Tom Whipple, the Peak Oil Review has both news and commentary.

Dave Cohen of ASPO-USA promises us more online features in the near future.
(9 April 2007)