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Tidal power experts discuss technological advancements, roadblocks to implementation
(transcript and video)
Monica Trauzzi:, E&E TV
With Congress and the administration focusing on increasing renewable and alternative energy, does the answer to our energy needs lie in the waves of the sea?

During today’s OnPoint, Sean O’Neill, president of the Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition, and George Hagerman, senior research associate at the Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute and a member of the Electric Power Research Institute’s Ocean Energy Project Team, discuss tidal power and its future contributions to the United States’ energy policy.

Hagerman and O’Neill explain what tidal power is, how it works and how advanced the technology is. They also discuss roadblocks the tidal power industry has faced and talk about FERC’s permitting process for tidal power sites.
(22 March 2007)
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A Wave Of Support For Tidal Energy

Carbon Free
This week over 300 of the senior industry, investor and policy figures in the global wave and tidal energy sector gathered in the QEII Centre in Westminster to hear a rallying call and message of optimism for this major energy market of the future.

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Energy Lord Truscott and Ben Bradshaw MP, Minister for Local Environment, Marine and Animal Welfare offered their support for wave and tidal stream energy technologies, recognising their long term potential in both future energy supplies and economic development in the UK.

Despite key political support, the British Wind Energy Association (BWEA) said it was concerned that this rhetoric is not yet being backed up by long term policy support. It said that the publication of the Marine Bill White Paper provides the overarching framework for planning and consenting marine renewable energy projects but claimed this needs to be backed up by new financial support mechanisms, if the UK is to retain its current global lead. ..
(23 Mar 2007)

Singapore to invest in clean energy industry

Agence France-Presse
Singapore will invest more than 110 million US dollars to develop a “clean energy” industry with solar energy as a key area of research, the government announced Friday.

The tropical island-state with average temperatures of 26.8 Celsius (80 Fahrenheit) is hoping that the five-year programme will generate more than a billion dollars in annual value-added income and create 7,000 jobs by 2015. The programme was announced at the close of a Research Innovation and Enterprise Council meeting chaired by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

“Green energy or clean energy is something which is in great demand worldwide because of climate change. Growth is dramatic,” Lee told reporters. ..
(16 Mar 2007)

Electricity rationing tightens in Ghana

Staff, MyJoyOnline
Businesses in the country would have to brace themselves for more difficult times ahead with the power rationing exercise set to worsen as the country’s energy crisis deepens.

Many businesses have already either shut or cut down drastically on production following the non availability of power in adequate supplies.

VALCO; a major consumer of power has already shut and sent home some 400 workers.

Currently power is rationed for 12 hours after five days of supply but sources at the Volta River Authority say the blackout period could extend to 24 hours and power supply reduced to between 3-4 days due to the dwindling water levels in the Akosombo Dam. ..
(23 Mar 2007)