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”Downtown Revitalization Rules”

Hans Noeldner
Over the past several months another village trustee and I, along with help from some dedicated citizens, have been working on a new plan to revitalize our downtown and establish a “square” or “plaza” – i.e. a large contiguous pedestrian area for public gatherings and events. In August and September of this year we held four listening sessions and a public forum.

During the process I became increasingly frustrated that participants at these events were willing and eager to discuss some things – parking in particular – but were unwilling to discuss the things that matter most to me – connections between our lifestyles, our community, and the possibility of a sustainable world.

Following the public forum I compiled the explicit and implicit “rules” that currently govern our civic discourse. ..
(8 Oct 2006)
Bracing reading, spawned another great comment thread on TheOilDrum including reports from others working hard on their local front.
Also courtesy of Mr Neoldner Habits of the motorist and Both ways.-LJ

Why Beijing Is Trying to Tally The Hidden Costs of Pollution As China’s Economy Booms

Jane Spencer, Wall Street Journal
Last month, Beijing released the results of a two-year “green accounting” study indicating the nation’s rampant pollution problem is quietly undermining long-term economic growth. ..

The so-called green gross-domestic-product figures are part of a long-term Chinese government project aimed at quantifying the economic impact of pollution, and may mark a shift in strategy for a regime that has promoted unbridled growth as the key to social stability. The basic idea of green GDP is to subtract the costs associated with environmental degradation from traditional GDP to give a more realistic picture of the health of the economy. ..

“China can’t go the way of polluting first, and then treating it,” said SEPA official Jia Feng, in an interview with local Chinese news media, warning that “the ecological system that shoulders economic development will be crushed.” ..
(2 Oct 2006)
Contributor Greg Neal writes: It’s interesting how China, rather than the US, is experimenting with “green accounting” that attempts to modify GDP reports to reflect environmental costs.

Faith, Hope, and Clarity
A special series on God & the Environment

Various, Grist Magazine
A surge of ecological concern among evangelical Christians could invigorate the fight against climate change, and even the environmental movement as a whole. Renowned journalist Bill Moyers investigates this trend in the PBS special Is God Green?, which airs on Oct. 11; watch an exclusive preview on the Grist website. And Grist will delve into the topic more deeply in a special series that begins today, which includes an interview with Moyers, a report from Bill McKibben, and a chat with evangelical author J. Matthew Sleeth. Stay tuned for more over the coming days, including an interview with famed biologist E. O. Wilson about his new book, The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth.

(5 Oct 2006)

Video: Stick a Yellow Ribbon up Your SUV

The Asylum Street Spankers, Bring it on! blog

The Asylum Street Spankers tells everyone that supports our troops by spending a $1.93 exactly what they can do with their god damn ribbons!!!
(30 Sept 2006)
Warning: strong language.