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1. IFC- Editorial info • EDITORIAL BOARD

2. Contents page • CONTENTS LIST

3. Editorial introduction EDITORIAL
Enrico Sciubba, Sergio Ulgiati and Noam Lior

4. Prospective/retrospective on strategies
Robert A. Herendeen

5. Energy efficiency—a critical view
Horace Herring

6. The prosperous way down
Howard T. Odum and Elisabeth C. Odum

7. Steps toward the hydrogen economy
S.S. Penner

8. Energy transformations and post-normal science
Joseph A. Tainter, T.F.H. Allen and T.W. Hoekstra

9. Integrated assessment and energy analysis: Quality assurance in multi-criteria analysis of sustainability
Mario Giampietro, Kozo Mayumi and Giuseppe Munda

10. The global socioeconomic energetic metabolism as a sustainability problem
Helmut Haberl

11. Exergy-based lumped simulation of complex systems: An interactive analysis tool
Daniela Milia and Enrico Sciubba

12. Land use impact evaluation in life cycle assessment based on ecosystem thermodynamics
Tim Wagendorp, Hubert Gulinck, Pol Coppin and Bart Muys

13. A.R.T. (Associated Reversible Transformations) as a basis for thermodynamic cycles analysis
M. Reini

14. Natural gas and the environmental results of life cycle assessment
Angelo Riva, Simona D’Angelosante and Carla Trebeschi

15. An integrated assessment of energy conversion processes by means of thermodynamic, economic and environmental parameters
S. Tonon, M.T. Brown, F. Luchi, A. Mirandola, A. Stoppato and S. Ulgiati

16. Exergy accounting: Capabilities and drawbacks
A. Valero