On 11 October 2005, in London, a major conference will look at the peak oil problem and its impact on climate change, the world’s food supply and the world economy.

This conference will aim to discuss the problems arising from a peak in oil production, and to begin to plan responses to ameliorate those problems.

The conference is being organised by East Anglia Food Link, CRed, Sustain and PowerSwitch. It is aimed at policy-makers, business people, NGOs and individuals who use energy or eat food.

The event will be chaired by Dr Ian Gibson, MP, Chair of the Science and Technology Committee of the House of Commons, and Speakers will include:
Michael Meacher MP – Former Environment Minister
Chris Skrebowski – Editor, Petroleum Review
Tim Lang – Professor of Food Policy, City University
Andrew Simms – Policy Director, New Economics Foundation
Richard Douthwaite – Author of “When the Wells Run Dry”
Keith Tovey – Reader in Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia

The conference will take place at The Insurance Hall, London EC2 from 09:30 to 4:00.

The fee (including lunch) is

* £50 for private-sector and public-sector organisations * £25 for NGOs and individuals

Book early to avoid disappointment! For more information and a booking form, visit www.eafl.org.uk/oil

For more information on peak oil, see www.peakoil.net or www.odac-info.org. To join a network of individuals concerned about peak oil go to www.powerswitch.org.uk. Good books on the subject include Richard Douthwaite’s When the Wells Run Dry, Matthew Simmons’ Twilight in the Desert, and Colin Campbell’s The Coming Oil Crisis..