A telemovie produced for the US Rupert Murdoch / FOX owned cable channel FX looks set to deal with the events of a sudden catastrophic loss of oil imports, apparently due to a shipping disaster. The content, however, is obviously influenced by the bleaker end of Peak Oil discourse.

The trailer uses footage reminiscent of the LA riots, and explains in that all too familiar movie trailer voice-over style that “It has already begun. A chain of events that will spark fear, create panic, and result in a catastrophe that will change our lives forever. Americans didn’t realize how fragile their existence was.”

Called Oil Storm, it will be shown at 8PM Eastern Time on June 5th

View trailer:
www.fxnetworks.com/shows/originals/oilstorm/main.html (site requires Flash 5)

Direct links to Quicktime movies:
56K: www.fxnetworks.com/video/qt/oilstorm_trailer_qt_56k.mov
Broadband: www.fxnetworks.com/video/qt/oilstorm_trailer_qt_dsl.mov