Tom Henfrey Unveils ‘Resilience, Community Action and Societal Transformation’

By Rob Hopkins, Tom Henfrey, Transition Network

Tom Henfrey, in conversation with Rob Hopkins, introduces a new publication exploring the edge between Transition and resilience. “I’m Tom Henfrey.  I consider myself a practitioner and activist within the Transition and Permaculture movements. With a main professional background as a researcher I’ve often made research the main way I contribute to these movements: navigating the boundary between research and practical action in Transition, which I’ve found to be a very fertile one. On May 2nd you publish, together with your co-authors and co-editors, Resilience, Community Action and Societal Transformation, a collection of articles, essays, papers around Transition, permaculture and resilience. Could you tell us a bit of the story of how this book came about? It was a fascinating experience because the book was never planned and just seemed to come into being of its own accord.  It started when a few of us involved in the initial setting...