A Rather Different Mafia: The Budapest Bike Maffia

By Mónika Czindler, Bálint Bajomi, Future Perfect

The word “mafia” immediately calls to mind menacing figures engaging in shady business. The Budapest Bike Maffia has something completely different in mind. A visit to their headquarters In fact, the Budapest Bike Maffia is a legally operating civil organisation, whose members, namely young people in Budapest, are often on the road on their bikes. In their free time, they bring donated food to the needy, offer assistance to animal shelters, or provide help in the wake of natural disasters. In addition to their numerous other programmes, the club holds a “Vitamin Commando” meeting twice a week, during which sandwiches are made at the club headquarters on Tűzoltó Street in Budapest. On one evening in early October, we visited the organisation and actively took part in its volunteer work. The crew gradually assembled in a room on the upper floor of a craft beer pub called Élesztő Kézműves Söröző. Sometimes,...