Dreaming of the School Birthed in Flames

By Joe Brewer, Medium.com

Did you know that there are seeds that lay dormant in a forest until fire sweeps through and activates them. They sit in suspended animation waiting for catastrophe. Only after the grand “nutrient sinks” of forest canopies have been burned to a crisp are they able to crack open their shells, fall to the earth, and begin to grow. I write these words while dreaming of the future to be inherited by children not yet born. Meditating on what will be needed after this current civilization collapses — for there will be life beyond the horizon of what I see around me today. As I’ve written about elsewhere, universities are failing humanity right now. So this particular dream is about the future of education. I am dreaming of the school birthed in flames. The work that I do has no place in current universities. It is too holistic, too integrative, and too practically oriented toward the real world....