Review: An Alien’s Quest by Cary Neeper

By Frank Kaminski, Mud City Press

An Alien’s Quest A novel from The Archives of Varok By Cary Neeper (Penscript Publishing House, November 2016, 263 pages, $14.95) An Alien’s Quest is by far the most cerebral and metaphysical of all of Cary Neeper's Archives of Varok novels. That isn’t to say that the others have shied away from deep subject matter; they haven’t. It’s just that this one takes the level of philosophical engagement to new heights in its tale of a young woman who leaves her home planet to find the answers to the cosmos. The book does at times feel a bit bogged down with introspection and philosophical reflection, but it never fails to be provocative and insightful. Moreover, it doesn’t neglect the adventure and intrigue that make its predecessors such exciting reads. The Archives of Varok novels use the tools of science fiction storytelling to critique our present society’s blindness to ecological limits....