I wrote this Booklet last year as I thought the youth of today should be told about the challenges that face them during their lifetime. While there have been good book written about Climate Change, Resource Depletion and Overpopulation they are mostly aimed at older people and academics.

I realise that some of the content may not be applicable to American youth I believe it is worth publishing as all countries will have to face these challenges.

If any American Authors would like to edit this booklet making it more suitable for American youth – feel free it us it.

This booklet is based on my interpretation of what the Scout Leader, Lord Baden-Powell, would be thinking about in these current and uncertain times. What would he be saying to today’s young people?

Two of his quotations were – “There’s nothing like ‘Being Prepared,’ is there, for what might seem possible, even if it may not seem probable.” And, “Try to leave this world a little better than you found it and, when your turn comes to die, you can die happy in feeling that at any rate you have not wasted your time but have done your best.” They are still very valid today.

I have listed some of the challenges the current youth (you) will face in the not too distant future;

– Resource Depletion – running out of those things which are mined and pumped out of the earth to give you the high standard of living you have come to expect. This situation will not happen overnight and the first signs will be sharp increases in the price of crude oil also oil companies drilling in ever more extreme and sensitive locations.

– Global Warming (climate change) – still the big unknown and we don’t really know how it will affect us in Australia. However, based upon the work of our own scientific organisation, CSIRO, the changes will be significant and will change the way you live. (Read the CSIRO’S report on Global Warming – it’s on their web site).

– Unsustainable Population Growth – the more people the faster the previous two items will approach. This year the UN called on all people globally to have below replacement level families. You can make a difference.

Please don’t get too worried or depressed when reading about these changes – population has increased due to things we can all be thankful for e.g. better medical care and good nutrition. Our living standard has improved thanks to availability of fossil fuels, together with modern technology, you all accept these benefits. They just need to be counterbalanced by humane ways to reduce population.