SANCTUARY embraces the rescue of endangered and urban species, as well as the rehabilitation of abused “farm animals” in the United States, of brown bears, Iberian wolves and the last great old forests in Europe, of Asian and Southeast Asian forests and swamps and the exquisite indigenous peoples dependent upon them; of rare plant species, reptiles, avians, ungulates, big cats, and other elusive mammals and invertebrates from Yemen to Namibia, from Suriname to Brunei. Orangutans in Borneo, butterflies in Malaysia, cheetahs in South Africa, and the remarkable people working to save them.

Featuring over twenty sanctuaries in twenty countries, this museum-quality book celebrates the sheltering of innocence in all its forms, with stunning photography and intimate, lyrical prose. From Alaska, Rajasthan, Poland, and rarely revealed eastern Bhutan, to the very heartlands of France and New York City, these pockets of Eden preserve and protect what is most precious to us all, and to the Earth.

Published January 2008.