ReInhabiting the Village: CoCreating our Future”” is a 352-page graphically rich, full-color, soft-cover book showcasing the work of 12 Visionary Artists and over 60 Contributing Authors featuring “”Voices from the Village”” sharing their experience, best practices, strategies, and resources to empower communities through practical wisdom and inspiring perspectives. These contributors of diverse backgrounds include Artists, Economists, Permaculture Experts, Facilitators, Educators, Visionaries, Natural Builders, Event Producers, Healers, Indigenous Elders and Thought Leaders, Ecologists, Technology Developers, and Community Organizers
Explore ReInhabiting the Village through the lense of 12 themes, each with an associated color and sigil. The book contains introductions from author Jamaica Stevens, a breadth of articles from contributors, author biographies, visionary art, community photography, informational graphics, inspirational quotes and project features. In closing, the book offers References, Credits, Contributors and a Glossary.

This book is an artifact, a snap-shot in time, honoring a long standing movement of change-makers, and inviting the journey to continue through the ongoing development of the website resources.

Bringing idea into form, the ReInhabiting the Village Workbook integrates the inspiration from the book in order to engage community development, interpersonal communication, project management, regenerative, holistic design, and more. This tool is meant for people to use out in the field at land projects, eco villages, urban gardens, community building, etc.