Meet the Nexus, a new guide from GRACE Communications Foundation, shows you how everyday food, water and energy decisions have a profound effect on each other. The guide suggests nine simple choices that you can make to use food, water and energy more sustainably in your daily life – and save some money too!

    The food, water and energy nexus is simply where and how these three systems connect:

  • It takes water and energy to produce the food you eat.
  • Energy is used to move water to your home, to heat that water and then to clean up the water you send down the drain.
  • Water is required to run power plants safely and to produce oil, gas and coal.
  • Some food crops are turned into fuel for vehicles.
Meet the Nexus breaks down the concept into easy-to-digest parts by revealing the hidden connections between food, water and energy in the grocery store, at home and in the kitchen. It also highlights how some local governments and small businesses are making good nexus decisions that protect the environment and keep costs down. You too have an important role to play. The more we all take these connections into consideration — we call it “nexus thinking” — the better the chances of achieving a sustainable future.