In BLUESPACE, Emmy-nominated filmmaker Ian Cheney (KING CORN, THE CITY DARK) provides insight into our currently unsustainable relationship with our home planet by examining the speculation of “terraforming,” or making another planet Earth-like, by altering its atmosphere. This science fiction-infused documentary explores the theoretical terraforming of Mars and contrasts it with the waterways and related landscapes of New York City, such as Brooklyn’s infamous Gowanus Canal, and yields unusual perspectives on our increasingly watery planet. Could humans live on Mars? Would we want to? The film calls on a multifaceted brain trust to process this big idea including a desert camp of Mars hopefuls, a bevy of sci-fi writers, Hurricane Sandy survivors, the Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club, and a who’s who of astrobiologists and earth scientists. At times whimsical and funny, serious and poignant and always stimulating, this is a unique exploration of current thinking about the origins and evolution of life and its relationship to water. There are two versions of BLUESPACE on the DVD: a 73 minute theatrical version and a 54 minute classroom version.