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From Seed to Seed

Created by Martina Widmer, Sylive Seguin, Olga Widmer

From Seed to Seed is a series of 40 short educational films intended for all those who wish to learn how to produce their own vegetable seeds. With the help of magnificent images and short …
seed saving
open-pollinated seeds
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The Glass Bead Game Podcast: The Meaning of Climate Change

In the initial two-part episode, THE MEANING OF CLIMATE CHANGE, broadcaster David Attenborough and author and social activist Naomi Klein, along with numerous notable professors, discuss the ethical, cultural and …
climate change
Tar Sands
indigenous communities
Direct Action

The Urban Farmer

Growing Food for Profit on Leased and Borrowed Land.
urban farming
accessing agricultural land

The Schizophrenic Society

Why does humanity seem unable to step off its unsustainable path, even with so many direct symptoms - from climate change to ecological destruction and peak resources - becoming more and more apparent?

The Transition Movement in Global Perspective

This chapter explores one of the largest and fastest growing (but still embryonic) of these movements: the Transition movement of grassroots responses to climate change, peak oil, inequality and economic contraction.

Living With The Land Part 7 - Off-grid Living

Pat Bowcock explains how she left her 9-5 lifestyle to live in tune with the land, creating her own five acre permaculture smallholding, that is her home, her work and her life.
off-grid renewable energy

Democratic Money and Capital for the Commons

An opening gambit for commoners to discuss how money, banking and finance could better serve their interests as commoners.
the commons
alternative economics

Equality in the Countryside: A Rural Manifesto for the Parliamentary Opposition

At a time when the Labour Party is rediscovering its egalitarian roots, the parliamentary opposition needs to recognise that inequality is just as much of an issue in the countryside as in the city.
Land rights
rural employment

The Book of Pears

The definitive history and guide to over 500 varieties.

The First Draft of History: Thirty-Four of the Best Pieces on the Paris Agreement at COP21

The recent COP 21 UN climate summit is something of a political, social, and climate justice Rorschach test. Opinion is as all over the place as any historic event I can think of. And make no mistake, Paris was historic. This …
climate change
COP21 Paris

The Winning of The Carbon War

Humanity is in a race, a kind of civil war. Believers in a safe future fuelled by endless sunlight and related forms of clean energy combat defenders of finite carbon fuels careless of the impact they have on the world by clinging to coal, oil, …
Fossil Fuels
Renewable Energy
climate change

Capturing Residue to Build Soil Organic Matter

John Kempf, agronomist and founder of Advancing Eco Agriculture, talks about the methods we use to build soil organic matter very rapidly by triggering specific digestion processes to capture crop residue after harvest and root exudates during …
regenerative agriculture

The Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement follows the author's personal journey from COP-15 in Copenhagen to Le Bourget's Blue Zone, stopping along the way at endangered tropical rainforests, melting glaciers and sinking islands. It takes you through the exciting …
climate change
COP21 Paris

Co-Ops 101 - Webinar

In Co-ops 101, facilitator Jonathan Rosenthal, Executive Director of the New Economy Coalition and Co-founder of Equal Exchange leads a discussion about the basic principles of cooperative ownership—what it entails and how it works, as well …
alternative economics

Acorn Harvesting with TreeGirl and Red Tractor Farm in Greece

TreeGirl interviews entrepreneur Marcie Mayer, owner of Red Tractor Farm on the island of Kea, Greece, who harvests a local, under-utililized resource of acorns to help revive the oak trees and local economy.


A permafree eco-ficiton thriller that is targete to the broad population to increase awareness on over consumption, polution and entitlement.
dystopian futures
science fiction

Seeds of Justice - In The Hands of Farmers

Seeds of Justice follows Ethiopian plant geneticist Dr Melaku Worede’s inspirational work to re-valorise farmers’ knowledge and protect their position as guardians of seed diversity.
sustainable farming
seed diversity

Feeding the Future Policy Paper

We urgently need a national food policy based on food sovereignty principles to ensure an integrated approach to farming, health, environment, food safety and marketing. Such a policy would give the UK greater control over food safety …
land access
food policy
small scale farming

The Man Who Planted Trees

A Story of Lost Groves, the Science of Trees, and a Plan to Save the Planet
climate change
tree planting

Horse-Powered Farming for the 21st Century

A Complete Guide to Equipment, Methods, and Management for Organic Growers.
organic farming
horse powered farming

Eagle Ford Reality Check

In Eagle Ford Reality Check, David Hughes, author of Drilling Deeper (which likely remains the most thorough independent analysis of U.S. shale gas and tight oil production ever conducted) and a number of other reports on North American shale gas …
Shale Oil
tight oil
Eagle Ford Shale