Building a world of
resilient communities.

Pocket Neighborhoods - Creating Small Scale Community in a Large Scale World

Why are Pocket Neighborhoods important now?

The fabric of social health in our society has been fraying, in part because many people lack networks of personal and social support.  Family members can be spread across the country, friends live across town, and neighbors don’t know one another.  A listening ear or helping hand is not available when it’s most needed.

Pocket neighborhoods can help mend a web of belonging, care and support.  Their protected setting encourages informal interaction among neighbors, laying the ground for caring relationships.  An elderly neighbor may need assistance trimming a hedge.  Another needs help looking after the kids while going for a short errand, or feeding a cat while away on vacation.  Nearby neighbors are the ones most available to respond to daily needs.  They are also the ones to hear a story, admire a newly planted garden bed, or reminisce about old times.  All of these encounters strengthen webs of support and friendship, which are the basis for healthy, livable communities.