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Oil Journey – Quick Start Guide

Ready to hit the ground running and give your first Oil Journey presentation? We’re glad you’re excited, because we are too!

Here are the media files and documents you’ll want to have on hand:

  • PowerPoint presentation deck (download: 116 MB)
  • Presentation Script (download)
  • Presenter’s Guide (download)
  • List of Related Resources (link)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (link)
  • Promotional Poster Template (download)


If you want to learn from actor/voiceover extraordinaire Peter Coyote’s version of the Oil Journey video, you can view it here or (if you live in the United States), order a DVD for $9 (covers our costs) by emailing

At some point you’ll still want to read the Presenter’s Guide. It’s full of details about customizing the presentation to fit your needs and engage your audience. You’ll also find great info about how to organize, promote and facilitate a gathering.

But for now… LET’S GET STARTED!


Is amazing. It really is. Thanks to our friends at Ranch 7 Creative for merging PCI Senior Fellow Richard Heinberg’s script with high-impact visuals. This slide deck is animated, meaning it moves through many of the slides automatically as you read along. It’s also highly customizable, so you can insert your own personal story and images to better engage your audiences.



Richard Heinberg’s script clearly details the impacts of our recent fossil fuel bonanza. You’ll read from this script (in your most enthusiastic tone, of course), as the slide deck plays. You’re encouraged to add personal or local history stories to this script. See the Presenter's Guide for details.

*The script is available only in English, but... if you’d like to volunteer to translate it, we’ll send you a big “Thank You” note!



The nitty gritty of delivering a polished presentation. It covers everything from how to cut and paste images in PowerPoint to the importance of avoiding metal folding chairs. Download it. Read it. Love it.



The list of related resources is a . . . list of related resources. Go figure. This ever-evolving set of articles, books, videos and websites relate directly to the material covered in The Oil Journey. Read them all and you’ll earn an honorary PhD in energy and resource scarcity.



This is simple poster with a space for you to add your event information, either by hand or using layout software. If ‘n you want to design your own poster, go for it (and share it!). There’s plenty of visual material in the Presentation Deck from which to pull.



This is the presentation deck, as narrated by legendary voiceover artist and actor Peter Coyote. This video can be shown, as is, but we highly recommend crafting your own personal presentation. We’ve provided this video primarily as an example for training purposes.

To show the Peter Coyote version in your community, email to request a high resolution DVD copy for $9 (covers our costs). If you live abroad and wish to download the file (2.5 GB), please state so in your email and we will send you the link.



Given your first Oil Journey presentation? If so, we'd love to hear your feedback. What worked? What didn't? What could be improved? Please take a couple of minutes to let us know that we can help you and your fellow presenters keep improving.



Hold your fire! Have you read the Presenter’s Guide? The FAQs? There’s a good chance the answer is in there somewhere. What about this Facebook group, where your fellow presenters are sharing notes and tips? Still no answer? If all else fails, email and he’ll do his best to get you sorted out. And once again, THANK YOU. Your presentations are going to make a measurable impact in your community, just as hundreds of others are doing in their communities, across the nation and around the world.