Website for Collaboration on Resilience Projects

By Marilyn Hagle, caucus99percent

It seems like we need the right tool. Introducing: NOW the Path Forward is an educational website based on Moodle ( It's purpose is to grow solutions under an open source umbrella and use the educational tools such as wikis for collaboration. In this scenario, the teachers are actually teacher/moderators and the students are student/collaborators. Do not think of the courses in a traditional sense, but rather as work space. Participants can contribute at any level they prefer. Lurking is allowed. Suggested course titles are: Alternative Gardening, Rituals for Daily Living, Hosting a Stone Soup Event, Hosting a Houtenanny Event, Repurposing Used Clothing/Linens, Repurposing Furniture, Repurposing Miscellaneous Stuff, Harvesting Rain Water, Creating a Conversion Kit for Vehicles from Gas to Electric, Solar Water Heaters, Foraging for Food - What Food Grows Wild in Your Area?, Preserving Food - What Works for You?, Shipping Container Living Space, Alternative Affordable Living Space, Using...

Permaculture Sewage Treatment – First Aid and Future Proofing for our Rivers and Seas

By Feidhlim Harty, Permaculture Association

Given our love of conversation about the weather, we're never happier than when there's a big storm brewing on the Atlantic and pushing our way. Now that we've taken on the North American convention of naming our storms after innocent bystanders (rather than climate deniers), we can begin to pinpoint exactly who is to blame as we bandy about our latest climate dramas. It's a bit like a game of Cluedo: “I accuse Ophelia in the hay barn with the broken roof tile!” Well actually, it wasn't in the hay barn, nor with a broken roof tile. But Ophelia is guilty for something alright. The recent storms downed electricity lines around Ireland and the UK. One of the impacts was an interruption to sewage treatment systems. So what? Not as important as missing the Sunday game, you may argue. Well, for the fish, aquatic insects, birdlife, animals and people living...