Building a world of
resilient communities.

Education Outside

At Education Outside, we believe we can transform public education by bringing life to the asphalt expanses of school grounds. Every day, we work with schools and districts to turn urban schoolyards into 21st-century learning labs where inspired learning takes root. Unlocking the potential of outdoor spaces enlivens the educational experience and better engages students, teachers, families, and communities.

Our Corps for Education Outside pilot project  is the first service corps program in the United States dedicated to transforming urban public schools into centers of 21st-century experiential learning, environmental sustainability, and innovation. By serving as the point people for all outdoor experiential education and school greening activities at their school sites, Corps members play a central role in sparking students’ interest in nationally-important subjects such as science and math, building a more eco- and food-literate student population, increasing the energy efficiency of their schools’ infrastructure, decreasing schools’ waste streams, building strong school communities, and advancing outdoor education opportunities.


135 Van Ness Avenue
Room 408
San Francisco, California, United States 94102