Building a world of
resilient communities.


Welcome! We are so glad you found us.

We are an experiment in creating thriving communities on a neighborhood and household level dedicated to sharing what we discover with as many people To do this we are playing with models of resilience and abundance guided by open source and creative commons principles.

A little while ago we came to the realizations. The world is changing. The world always changes. If we wish to thrive we must learn adapt. To bounce back. The capacity to bounce back in the face of change is resilience.

This is what we are learning to do here. As we figure it out we will let you know what we discover. We’d love it if you want to help out. Through cooperation we can discover how to do this together.

In the proverbial nutshell, we are trying to bootstrap replicable hyperlocal gift economies.

4733 NE 18th Ave
Portland, Oregon, United States 97211

(971) 266-1598