Respecting Farmers and Their Rightful Place in Our Food System

By Rocco Pallin, Freya Yost, Food Tank

A Growing Culture believes “that farmers should be at the forefront of agriculture,” aiming to reshape the food and agriculture system starting with farmers. Through projects for farmer-to-farmer exchange, collective learning, and farmer-led research, A Growing Culture wants to advance innovation and farmer autonomy to create a more just and sustainable food system, and one inclusive of smallholder farmers. Food Tank spoke with Freya Yost, Vice President at A Growing Culture, to find out what makes their approach unique, what farmers can learn from each other’s stories, and what’s upcoming for A Growing Culture in 2017 and beyond. Inspired by farmer innovation and ingenuity, Yost works to shift the food system from one of industrial domination to one based on food sovereignty that is more just for all involved. Food Tank (FT): What is unique about A Growing Culture’s methods for supporting smallholder farmers? Freya Yost (FY): Our methods are bottom up...