Agricultural Innovation with John-Paul Maxfield

By Woody Tasch, John-Paul Maxfield, Slow Money

Woody Tasch: What made you go into the soil business? John-Paul Maxfield: I started with the desire to push toward a more sustainable food system. Soil is the place to start. We saw an opportunity to innovate around products and technology that reconnect people to soil. Long term, we want to be an agricultural innovation company. Soil seems like a funny place to start with innovation . . . as basic as it can be. Soil is incredibly complex. Just as with the human microbiome project, there is so much we have yet to discover. If we want to fix climate change, the answer is literally right beneath our feet. Da Vinci had it right when he said we understand the movements of the heavens better than we understand what is happening underfoot. We understand the soil at an intuitive level but not at a practical level. What do you...