Hang Together or Hang Alone

By Wayne Roberts, Resilience.org

Ed.note: This piece was posted in Wayne's last newsletter dated 15 February 2018. Mark Winne makes me feel like a newcomer to the food movement. He’s been at it 47 years, compared to my measly 25. He also makes me feel like a latecomer to city-based food policy councils. He pretty well jumped off the Mayflower to start the Council in Hartford in 1993, and I sauntered along in 2000 up in Toronto. For 15 years,  I’ve counted on him to double the number of old geezers at a conference who take joy from working at movement-building. We compete in making bad jokes at the wrong time.  We’re equal in the number of food movement books we’ve written (three each). Both of us can count on one hand all the hundreds of dollars in wealth we’ve amassed from our work in the community food security movement. I’m delighted to introduce...