What’s Secure About Food Security?

By Wayne Roberts, Medium.com

I’ve worked as an analyst, practitioner, educator and consultant in the field of city-based food security for close to 20 years, and still found lots to learn from Pennsylvania State University historian Bryan McDonald’s brief and clearly-written book, called simply Food Security. I will summarize and comment on three propositions in the book that really deepen our understanding of food security, and three omissions that are disappointing. Lots of words go into food security definitions. What do they mean?? Most useful to good food campaigners, McDonald’s book positions food security within the context of “human security” — a new way of framing the issues that boosts the chances of food getting the green light as a priority. Getting politicians to put food on their shortlist for funding has long been a bigger problem for food security advocates than winning support for an actual program, which invariably comes in with great results for minimal...