A Slow Money Reader

By Odessa Piper, Slow Money

The difference between a sun-ripened strawberry and a blast-chilled one is an inconvenient detail most recipe editors prefer to take out. “But,” I plead to the editor, “your rendition won’t taste anything like the berry salad you had at my restaurant.” It’s times like these that I take refuge in beloved books written by fellow practitioners of “The Slow.” They use their expertise to look at the particular in the context of the whole. That approach—and this pithy quote by Carl Sagan—restores my affirma­tion about all things holistic: If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe. Now that’s my kind of food writing. Whether it’s Sagan’s “infinity pie” or an apple pandowdy for the rest of us, a well-considered meal doesn’t stay put long enough to be just one thing. Everyone’s food is becoming someone else’s as it cycles through the sun...