Earth Restoration: How to Change the World Together

By John D. Liu, Permaculture Magazine

Ed. note: This piece was first posted at is the site of Permaculture magazine International - publishing practical solutions for a regenerative planet for 25 years." "Crossing the river by feeling the stones beneath our feet”. This Chinese saying, that Deng Xiao Ping used in the 1980s as China was emerging from poverty and isolation, meant that we will have to improvise as we go because we have not been this way before. It is a great idea for small groups to find purpose and meaning by living sustainable lifestyles and sharing and caring for each other. These are the daily skills that provide for living and they can lead to control of water, food, soil, atmospheric emissions which are just what we need. These are the skills that allow us to maintain and leave the Earth system clean and renewable. This is the way forward throughout the...