Circular Economy In Practice #6: Time Travel to 2050 – What Will the Future Look Like Exactly?

By Eleen Murphy, Joshua Burguete Kirkman, Green Exchange

Shaping our future - well, it won't happen if we just sit around and imagine it, will it? No, we need a clear picture of exactly where we're going in order to make the right decisions and take the right path to get there. And how do we do that? With a special technique called Backcasting: defining a desirable future and then working backwards to identify the steps that we need to take for that future to become true. Last month, we took our time machine to the World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki and asked 8 very brave volunteers to take a trip to 2050 and report back on what they found. In this episode we share the highlights from the trip and discuss in detail what we learned. Self cleaning clothes, soil health, vegetarianism, and yes - it looks like incineration will be out of the picture too....