How a Universal Basic Income could Fire the imagination

By Rob Hopkins, Martin Kirk, Rob Hopkins blog

Martin Kirk is Co-founder and Strategy Director for The Rules.  They work on challenging root causes of global poverty and inequality and climate change, but specifically through a narrative lens.  They look a lot at psychology, cognitive linguistics, network theory, that sort of thing, to try and get into the deep narratives and deep logics and assumptions and frames that constrain and dictate our responses.  They are also doing a lot of work around Universal Basic Income (UBI). Could you say for somebody who hasn’t come cross the concept of a universal basic income, could you give them it in a nutshell?  What is UBI? UBI is basically an idea that says everybody, simply by virtue of being alive, gets an income that gives them enough to survive, if not thrive, and that’s one of the debates.  There are lots of different people talking about it right now from across the political spectrum. ...